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Gilded Age Glory, Meet 21st Century Style

What happens when you mix Roaring 20’s luxury with the savvy sophistication of a modern hotel? You get the Hotel Saranac - a living Adirondack legend. Now, Roedel Companies has breathed new life into this icon, and they tapped Altos to bring the skills to make it happen. We developed a smart, clean, user-friendly website to match a robust marketing campaign to the project, tracking progress and building a voice for the refreshed and renovated Hotel in time for its grand opening in early 2018. With a fresh face and a renewed focus on providing excellent customer service, Hotel Saranac is back and more refined than ever - just don’t call it “old fashioned.”

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Bringing New Life To A Storied Icon

To craft the right strategy, Altos needed to see Hotel Saranac as though we’d been looking at it our whole lives. We sat down with Roedel Companies (many of whom know Saranac Lake like a second home) to do just that.

  • We identified the Hotel’s key branding components: luxurious accommodations; a refreshed, modern vibe; and dedication to local support.
  • Developed a consistency of voice, design, and purpose to match brand guidelines and sales goals ahead of, and during, a much-anticipated Grand Opening.
  • Crafted a collateral and identity package that speaks to both sides of this unique position, blending subtle elegance with bold designs to leave a powerful, memorable impression on each visitor.
Hotel Saranac Visitor Map
Hotel Saranac Business Cards
Hotel Saranac Spa Brochure

Telling The Region’s Most Open Secret

The residents of Saranac Lake didn’t need convincing that the reborn Hotel would be amazing, but they did desperately want to be in on the action. Active social media, email, and PPC campaigns helped share progress and entice future visitors both in-town and well beyond the village borders.

  • Implemented a robust social media presence to generate 53% year-over-year Facebook growth and fueled expansion into Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • A smart, targeted PPC campaign, Altos has driven over 68,000 page views and ramped up daily traffic in time to see significant growth through the unveiling of an all-new, redesigned website.
  • An email marketing campaign utilized action-heavy language and concise messaging to entice early bookings, visits to the new website, and continued engagement across multiple media.
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Taking Renovation To The Digital Era

Since the updated Hotel Saranac blends the building’s storied history with updated, modern amenities to combine comfort with class, the new Hotel Saranac website needed to provide the same feeling.

  • Created a new Hotel Saranac site using Drupal, integrating Curio’s reservation system to allows visitors to browse, book, and pay for reservations with one easy resource.
  • Optimized for any device, with a mobile-first design oriented around easy navigation and bold drives to learn more, explore, and book now.
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