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Dishing Out Manchester’s Most Iconic Steakhouse

There may be no tables more iconic in the Queen City than those under the white tablecloth at Hanover Street Chophouse, a celebrated Chicago-style steakhouse located smack dab in the heart of downtown Manchester. Although well-known across the nation for its excellent entrees and timeless feel, the Chophouse needed an improved digital experience to bring in a new crop of young, vibrant city dwellers. Enter Altos, and our plan to bring this 20th-century classic to the next generation of fine diners.

Hanover Street Chophouse Devices

A Fresh Face For A Timeless Classic

How to integrate an established brand presence with an updated user experience? This was the challenge we faced with the Chophouse, and the one we answered with an all-new website designed to make navigation and contacting the Chophouse staff easier, no matter where you may be searching from.

  • Mobile-first design focuses on a simple and clean presentation to make navigation intuitive for all users, across all devices.
  • A menu integrated with Single Platform allows for easy updates and info input by staff on-the-fly, without having to tinker with the backend.
  • Contact Forms and OpenTable reservation integration makes connecting and reserving your table faster and easier than ever before.
Hanover Street Chophouse Reservations
Hanover Street Chophouse screens

Spreading The Word Beyond The Regular Patrons

The Chophouse was hardly hurting for business when we stepped in, but an aging customer base and an ambitious, forward thinking staff called for a renewed focus on bringing in fresh faces and new, loyal customers. With robust social media and identity updates, we’ve managed to do just that.

  • Active Facebook presence specifically targets travelers and local alike to laud the Chophouse achievements and bring in new business.
  • Newly-branded “The Grade” bar breathes new life into this trusted establishment without increasing overhead or staff requirements.
  • Email campaign has brought unique users to webpage and social media with a renewed vigor, and kept them looking for longer.
Hanover Street Chophouse Grade
Hanover Street Chophouse Food

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