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Tough as Granite, Easy As Can Be

Granite State Grave Markers is major player in the gravestone market in the northeast, and with several years of business behind them and a website in need up an upgrade, they tapped Altos for an upgrade. We integrated Granite State into Drupal, utilizing a custom eCommerce design to improve user design and boost conversions; and we utilized custom development to easily integrate shipping options and a mobile-responsive storefront for easy ordering and a better user experience.

Granite State Grave Markers Responsive Devices

A New, Customized Drupal Storefront

The artistry and unique quality that goes into each custom-designed memorial markers often brings unique needs for customers and designers alike. That’s why Granite State Grave Markers required a custom eCommerce solution to make designing and ordering that much easier.

  • Integrated inventory and data from an older CMS into Drupal
  • Built the custom storefront currently in use, allowing customers to submit their design with a single, easy entry to be sent to Granite State for production
  • Integrated shipping options and a mobile-responsive storefront for easy ordering for custom designs.
Granite State Grave Markers Traditional Shop
Granite State Grave Markers 4 Steps

Built For Mobile, and Down To Just 4 Steps

Designing a memorial for a loved one is a tough task, and limitations from outdated tech shouldn’t make it any harder than it has to be. That’s why we designed the new Granite State Grave Markers site to function seamlessly on mobile, simplifying and streamlining to make this difficult task easier than ever.

  • Created a custom storefront and shopping cart to make ordering a custom-designed memorial easier
  • Integrated responsive mobile design to open up ease of access to an even greater degree.
  • Executed a simple four-step mobile process to make navigation on the small screen easier than ever.
Granite State Grave Markers App
Granite State Grave Markers Custom Upload

A Custom Product Builder

Truly custom monument designs are what sets Granite State Grave Markers above their competition, and they wanted to simplify the process and make custom designing easier than ever. We integrated a custom product builder and designer to allow users to upload, design, and build the perfect gravestone from the device of their choice.

  • Upgraded Granite State’s ordering system to an easy-to-use, custom memorial designer with upload and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Integrated shopping cart with FedEx for easy home labelling and shipping.
Granite State Grave Markers Cart
Granite State Grave Markers Veteran Markers

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