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Even in the booming world of pet health solutions, ClueJay is a revolution. Offering professional-level pet testing from the convenience of home, ClueJay is designed specifically to bridge the gap between “busy pet parents” and “lab-quality testing.”

By delivering mail-in pet test kits directly to consumers, and providing a robust digital dashboard to deliver results, ClueJay is transforming what was once a purely veterinarian-driven process into a digital, consumer-led product.

ClueJay product boxes

Obviously, a revolutionary digital solution like ClueJay needs—and, frankly, deserves—a cutting-edge digital presence to go with it. That’s why our team worked closely with ClueJay’s founders to design a custom site built to not only maximize the brand’s marketing and function as a one-stop-shop and digital dashboard for thousands of customers but also to help ClueJay keep track of all orders and customers across their audience base.

The result: a custom marketing site integrated with an online store, a digital user dashboard web app, and a lab tech interface—all designed for superior UX/UI while integrating powerful eCommerce capabilities. Meet the all-new

ClueJay website on devices

From the very start, we knew that the ClueJay marketing site needed to do a lot more than just look good—it needed to work well too, and meet all of a user’s expectations now and in the future.

Chief among the site’s needs was the ability to support a robust shopping experience, including multiple product types (and product levels within those types). Additionally, we knew from the start that ClueJay’s current product offerings would not be the end of the line, and that the marketing site needed flexibility to grow and adjust as new products come on board.

ClueJay product category page

To accomplish this, our developers built the site on a Laravel framework with headless WordPress & WooCommerce integration. This gives the site superior flexibility when it comes to building new product types in the future.

And because a marketing site needs to do just that—support marketing—we included an integration with Hubspot chat & newsletter signup to hook users in during the demand generation phase, as well as Hubspot remarketing to re-target those users who have already successfully engaged with the brand. To keep users engaged straight through to sale.

ClueJay live chat

An Engaging & Easy-To-Use Digital Store

ClueJay customers are able to pick up their ClueJay kits just about anywhere they usually get their favorite pet products: at the local pet store, at their usual retail locations, from their pet service providers, or from their veterinarians themselves. But we also wanted to give customers the chance to buy directly from ClueJay’s website, and that meant building a robust digital store capable of guiding users from “searching” to “sale.”

Key to the entire ClueJay system is a user’s individual profile within the ClueJay system: this allows each user to review their past purchases, subscribe for future purchases, and—most importantly—connect each of their pets’ tests with their profile for easy review online.

ClueJay website on mobile devices

Dashboard (Web App)

From the start, we knew it was critical that each user be able to log in to their unique ClueJay digital dashboard profile to review test results, view a pet’s past results, and place future orders.

To accomplish this, we integrated WooCommerce into ClueJay’s online store with user login functionality, all tied to the digital dashboard web app. As a result, users can simply log into their ClueJay account and easily access everything they need from one simple dashboard: test results, the digital store, and even ClueJay’s handy resource bank for more information on test results and next steps.

ClueJay dashboard showing test results

API Connection with Fulfillment House for Kit Ordering & Activation

It was also critical from the start that ClueJay’s team—from the sales and support team to the laboratory technicians themselves—be able to quickly match each sample and test kit with their specific user/customer. In order to achieve that, we needed to add a “kit activation” step to the process, allowing the lab techs to quickly match samples with specific, activated test kits.

ClueJay test activation process

This kit activation step made a connection with ClueJay’s fulfillment API necessary. Our developers integrated the API with ClueJay’s store/ordering platform to create unique codes for each kit, which allows the ClueJay team to track the activation of kits through the online dashboard.

We also worked closely with ClueJay’s fulfillment center to provide a robust ERP solution, allowing for real time resource planning with the distribution center to keep close track of every product across multiple retail locations, shipping routes, and affiliate marketing partners. That way, ClueJay is able to give users/customers a real-time look at where their package is, get updates on the progress of their test analysis, and notification of results delivery when those are sent to the digital dashboard.

ClueJay testing process

Lab Tech Interface with Custom Database

We needed to connect ClueJay’s advanced veterinary laboratory data with individual customer profiles, so users can easily review test results on their digital dashboard as soon as results are ready.

Our developers built a custom database to integrate ClueJay’s advanced & unique lab tech interface into the digital dashboard. This database allows the laboratory to process & upload results for automatic delivery to the customer’s dashboard. This is key to ClueJay’s offering: quick, digital results that are easy to print & share.

ClueJay lab tech interface

This lab tech interface also supports ClueJay’s laboratory operations by printing labels for the kit’s test tubes themselves, helping keep every step of the process connected and integrated from start to finish.

ClueJay pets

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