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Plenty Of Knowledge To Go Around

The Children’s Screentime Action Network has a mission: to provide resources and easy access to information for parents looking to limit their children’s time in front of screens. To do that, they needed one easy-to-use database, where parents could search, find, and easily navigate to the right data, the right information, and the right action plans. We built them a database to do just that.

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Plenty Of Knowledge To Go Around

Because the best information is the stuff that’s shared, Screentime Network recognized they needed an easy way for users and members to bring their own advice and data to the table. We crafted a knowledge base that allows individual users to upload, browse, and download the information that best matches their intent.

  • Users can submit files from anywhere, which are sent to admins for review prior to inclusion.
  • Compatible with multiple file types to expand breadth of information options.
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Connecting Parents & Resources In One Easy Search

Let’s face it, parents have a lot on their plates. The last thing a busy mom or dad needs is to face is hours browsing through documents to find the right advice for limiting screentime. By building an easily searchable database for parents to type, enter, and easily filter data, we replaced all that browsing with one easy search.

  • Easily search and filter results by file type, language, children’s age, etc.
  • Clearly able to browse through resource list by page to keep track of browsing progress .
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