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An Improved Rental Process That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

As one of New England’s most recognizable property managers, Brady Sullivan deals with a wide variety of clients with an even wider variety of needs. They needed an updated digital presence to connect with new home and office searchers and current residents alike, so we built a next-generation website designed to match all their needs in one simple user experience.

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A Bold Design To Draw In All Searchers

Users who search for Brady Sullivan are likely looking for one of three things: a new residential space (like apartments, homes, or condos), a new commercial space (like an office or production space), or an online portal for residents to pay rent or request maintenance. On the new site we make it easy for all searchers to find exactly what they’re looking quickly and efficiently.

  • Residential and Commercial rental offerings easily filtered by location (state), and clearly labelled by size
  • Simple access to online rental payment portal and maintenance request forms for all current and prospective renters
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Simple Forms Make Getting In Touch Easy On All Devices

The real estate market is a fast-moving business, and current and prospective renters rarely have time to struggle through complex forms or confusing sites to get to where they need. We built this next-gen site to automatically scale down for mobile devices, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for even if you’re searching on-the-go.

  • Forms designed to maximize conversions by minimizing required information to engage potential renters as soon as their interest is piqued
  • Menu navigation compresses to single column for easy navigation from mobile devices and tablets
  • Contact forms and rental offerings automatically scale down for simple mobile exploration, or scale up for comfortable browsing from desktop
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A Visually-Engaging Digital Tour For All Spaces

Renting an apartment or office space is a bit like buying a car: you don’t put the money down until you’ve seen it for yourself. We know from experience that the rental process is a highly visual one, and so we designed the new site to feature big, bold, and beautiful visuals of all available rental spaces. When users can take a tour from the comfort of their mobile device or desktop, they’re much more likely to follow-up and express interest later on down the road.

  • Online gallery allows Brady Sullivan to upload large, high-quality photos for easy visual representation of specific properties
  • Responsive mobile design makes browsing photo galleries simple from any device and any screen size
  • Easy contact forms allow users to smoothly transition from “just browsing” to “I’m interested” in just a few taps or clicks
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