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For over 130 years, hockey has been a major part of the history of Concord, NH, and for eight years Black Ice Pond Hockey has celebrated that long heritage on the ice with a much-anticipated annual ice hockey tournament designed to bring out the best amateur hockey players in the area. We designed an all-new website to help bring Black Ice Pond Hockey into the 21st century, and made everything from starting a team to showing your support easier than ever with one engaging user experience.

Black Ice Pond Hockey Devices

Live Scoring Helps Fans Follow Along In Real Time

If you’re a hockey fan, you know that things move fast out on the ice. In a tournament setting, when multiple games are going on at a time, scores roll in quickly - and keeping track can be tough even for the most dedicated fans. That’s why we built a live scoring feature to let fans stay in the know right on time.

  • Live scoring organized by day, by rink number, and by division for easy navigation
  • Simple back end allows for easy updates as games are played
  • Full rundown of past scores and previous winners available for all visitors
Black Ice Pond Hockey Phones
Black Ice Pond Hockey Devices

Improved UX For Easier Navigation - Especially On Mobile

Hardcore hockey fans probably aren’t signing into their desktop to check scores on-the-fly - more likely, they’re checking their phone or mobile device. That’s why we designed the entire Black Ice site to be responsive and simple to use across all devices - meaning you can stay tuned in from anywhere, even rinkside.

  • Responsive design scales down to single column scroll on mobile for easy exploration even on small screens
  • Menu compresses into single dropdown for simple navigation on mobile devices and tablets, and expands to full layout for desktop users
Black Ice Pond Hockey Scoring App
Black Ice Pond Hockey Register

Simple Registration For Teams & Sponsors

As the central source for all things Black Ice, we knew the new site had to be more than just a place for fans to track scores; it needed to be the primary destination for team and sponsorship registration.

  • New and returning teams can register for certain divisions, and new players can apply to join existing teams
  • Players and registrants can pay for registration through simple PayPal integration
  • Easy for sponsors to register and advertisers to purchase space around the rink directly through the site
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