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The Listing: Creating An Efficient Property Listing and Management Site

Red Oak Apartment Homes Inc., a trusted property management company based in Manchester, NH, brings 34 years and thousands of satisfied customers to the housing market in the growing Queen City and surrounding neighborhoods. Red Oak came to Altos looking for an upgraded site - one that included not just an effective marketing design but also easy functionality for existing tenants. We built them a brand new site that does all that and more.

Red Oak

Efficiently Guiding Users To Their Next Home

Efficiently guiding apartment searchers through the sales funnel can be a particularly tricky process, especially given the amount of factors that go into filtering through apartment options. We worked to improve those search results, creating a hierarchy by which specific filters are applied or eliminated from search results to provide the user with a rich selection of exact and similar matches. This reduces the number of blank results pages to nearly zero while more efficiently directing potential customers to the listing they’re likely looking for.

Red Oak

Taking Care of Everyday Business

Almost equally as important as driving new customers to the Red Oak site was creating a simpler, more intuitive interface for current residents, allowing them to do things like pay rent, request a work order, or contact a Red Oak representative all from the convenience of the mobile site. The site also allows Red Oak to easily and automatically import new apartment listings in bulk using a CSV file, removing the burden of manual input from the Red Oak staff.

Red Oak

Easier Onboarding for New Applicants

As any renter knows, the process for applying for an apartment can be complicated, and often involves personal or financial information that most users won’t - and shouldn’t - be so quick to send in unsecured. That’s why Altos built Red Oak a complex application form for the new site, including a “Hold an Apartment” form, which utilizes Drupal Commerce for fast and secure transactions and evidence via the back end that the customer’s payment has cleared.

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