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Handcrafted: A Custom WooCommerce Site That Simplifies Fundraising

There’s something especially commendable about handcrafted products. They tend to mean more to both the producer and the consumer, making for a better overall product. That’s exactly how we feel about websites: they should be handcrafted and cater to both the administrators and users. They should mean more to both parties. The Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company needed to make their fundraising an easier process for both the company and the participants, so we crafted a custom WooCommerce site to do just that.


Robust Behind The Scenes, Simplicity On The Screen

Fundraising campaigns can have a tough time gaining traction. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful campaign, but ultimately the most important way to reach a goal is through simplicity. Our goal with Three Rivers was to make it easy for both those setting up campaigns and those supporting it. The result is a powerful platform that has a mere 7 steps from set-up to completion.


Different Menus For Different Goals

First, there’s the marketing side of things. When users first reach the homepage of Three Rivers, they’re met with a standard lineup of menu items that attract potential fundraisers to leverage the company’s services. If a fundraiser is already underway, users are given a specific link to a landing page where the site’s menu changes to cater to that fundraising effort. Whether shopping the services, or shopping the products, the navigation provides the user all of the information they would need.


Sticking The Landing

The landing pages set up for each campaign leave no questions unanswered. There’s a sub navigation that houses all of the fundraising details, and visibility of the campaign’s success via the page’s “thermometer” provides users the incentive to participate. The custom interface allows for fundraisers with one collective goal or even for teams where each player needs to raise X amount to head to the championship. Each fundraiser has a unique link that they can share on social media. If the fundraiser lets each person in it raise individual goals, they all get their own link. One page, endless functionality.


Wordpress, WooCommerce Integration

Three Rivers started their business on BigCommerce, but the work around they used to maintain their site lead them to reach a ceiling. We created a custom plugin for Wordpress that allows Three Rivers to maintain all fundraisers in the Wordpress backend and integrates with Woocommerce so they can easily find orders for fundraisers. This new system will save them a lot of time and allow them to grow their business where they formerly struggled to do so.

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