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The Location: Put Our Client on the Map

For 144 years and five generations, Pike Industries has supplied New England with the material that forms its sprawling infrastructure. Today, it’s one of the largest producers of asphalt and aggregate materials in the region. But time had gotten the best of Pike’s web presence. The client needed a better way to highlight the scope of its operation, and its outdated site simply wasn’t up to the challenge anymore. We saw an opportunity bring a handcrafted solution to the table.


Powerful Maps and Search Integration

One of Pike’s key strengths is the amount of plants and facilities it maintains throughout New England. Altos had to find a way to showcase Pike’s wide reach, but do so in an elegant and easy-to-navigate manner. Our devs decided to utilize Google Maps as a basis for a custom-coded solution. Leveraging Google’s powerful API, Pike’s data, and our own code, we were able to create a tool that end users find as easy to use as it is useful. In addition to all of this, Pike can easily modify their list of locations, allowing their new site to grow alongside them.


A Signature Look, True to Its Heritage

Of course, without a clean, distinct look to go along with robust technology, Pike’s new site wouldn’t be a true Altos product. Our Design Team tapped into Pike’s rich heritage to inform the layout and visuals of the site, forging a distinct brand identity for the company. The site’s colors are derived from Pike’s logo, and prominently displays their fleet of vehicles and production facilities. We provided Pike Industries with a fully formed solution that not only did justice to the scale of Pike’s business, but built upon the rich, established heritage of the client.

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