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The Family: Build a digital presence for a family of products

Easi-Set Worldwide is one of the largest purveyors of licensed precast concrete products in the world. Possessing a deep catalog of products for a wide variety of uses and applications, Easi-Set was in the difficult position of trying to maintain individual, branded presences for each of their products. While they offer the best products in the precast industry, there was no unified direction or style to tie their catalog together. Easi-Set needed a way to bring order to chaos. Altos was happy to take on the challenge.



Unifying the Catalog

With products ranging from sound-deadening panels to state-of-the-art precast concrete barriers, Easi-Set needed a way to present a diverse portfolio of products, while still maintaining a consistent visual language and style. Using heavily-customized templates, our design and dev teams were able to craft unique brand identities for each of the products, while still identifying each as a member of the Easi-Set Family.


Managing the Content

When you’re dealing with industrial-grade products used by engineers and architects, presenting the technical content for each product clearly and accurately is critical. We built each product its own responsive website, creating a vastly superior digital presence compared to the old, static sites. The result is a network of products that are as useful for our client as they are the users navigating them.


Conversions & Lead Generation

Finally, we wanted to ensure that engineers, contractors, and architects would be able to get in touch with Easi-Set in a clear and functional way. By revamping contact forms and placing them centrally in the design of each site, we were able to drive conversions and lead generation for our client, while ensuring that site visitors were served with the product information they needed.

The Easi-Set Worldwide project was one of the biggest that we’ve ever taken on. But through cutting-edge design and skillful coding, we were able to provide our client with a family of sites that they’re proud to have represent their company and their family of products.

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