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The Classroom: Craft a Digital Presence for an Academy

For over 35 years World Academy in Nashua, New Hampshire has taught children through a revolutionary curriculum that focuses not only the core principles of learning, but the technology that’s shaping future generations. The client didn’t only need an updated digital presence, but a powerful back end that would allow World Academy staff to take control of their content. Altos was tasked with handcrafting a website that could serve as the nexus for World Academy’s online efforts.


An Adaptable Design

It’s no secret that desktop computers are losing ground to mobile devices. More often than not, users are accessing websites through a touch interface. Especially for children accustomed to using touch-displays to navigate content, World Academy’s site was built to accommodate its mobile-first generation of students and their parents, providing a rich and engaging experience no matter the platform.


Dedicated Parent Portal

In addition to providing prospective parents and students with information about the campus, the new site also had to prove itself as a valuable resource for current students and parents. The new site provides parents of students with a dedicated Parent Portal, providing them with an online resource that makes coordinating with World Academy teachers and staff a breeze.


Robust CMS

Unlike some sites which, besides news items and blog posts, are static, World Academy’s new site required a way for teachers and staff to quickly and easily update the site’s content. Through the use of the Drupal CMS, our developers were able to tailor the back-end of the site to accommodate the needs of World Academy staff. On the old site, adding a staff member would require at least ten changes to be made across the site. With Drupal, we’ve streamlined the entire process down to changing a single entry, among many other optimizations.

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