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The Tech: Design a Robust Set of Tools for the Client

Serving tens of thousands of players throughout the state, The Vermont Lottery faced the challenge of having a relatively small staff (just 21 full-time employees), while serving many times more customers. Moreover, the nature of their work requires a flexible, functional website that's easy to update and maintain. Altos’ Dev Team sized up the challenge and met it head on.


Hardcoding for Ease of Use

We were tasked with constructing not only a website, but backend functionality that would allow The Vermont Lottery staff to take control of their site’s content through a simple WYSIWYG interface. Working with the powerful Drupal CMS we were able to deliver exactly what our client needed. The result is one of the most robust codebases we’ve ever produced. Our integration into Intralot allowed the site's end users to check whether or not their ticket was a winner in real time.



At the height of the Powerball craze of 2015, page views went up from an average of 13k per day to well over 70k. Through a heavily customized implementation of Drupal, we built a solid site that stands up to heavy traffic fluctuations. Additionally, we gave this site the ability to take care of itself. Using automated error checking and logging, as well as a development and staging environment, people and machines can be working on the site at the same time without interfering with uptime. The final result was a powerful and accessible platform that was easy for our client to pick up and start using.


A Powerful Collaboration

The Vermont Lottery’s needs were dictated by the technology underpinning the site, first and foremost. Our Dev and Design teams worked so closely together from start to finish to produce a perfect marriage of clean visuals and powerful technology. Throughout the process, we collaborated with another agency, NL Advertising. Together, we were able to deliver The Vermont Lottery a custom responsive website on time, and on budget.

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