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The Goal: A Reasonable Redesign to Fit the Times

The redesign of Atlas Society’s website was done with one main purpose: To simplify the user experience by classifying and presenting information in a more coherent manner. This was required in order to present Atlas’ font of information – over 3,000 individual pages – in a clean, logical and organized method. This required a restructuring of how information is presented to site visitors, a more aesthetically pleasing site, and a complex migration of content from the organizations former site.

Design And Technology For The Atlas Redesign

A Fresh, User-Friendly Look

Atlas Society is an organization focused on presenting the philosophy of Objectivism, which is based on the inherent belief that reason is essential in acquiring knowledge. With this in mind, our developers and designers set out to create a site that was easy to navigate by creating a logical classification of information. Upon completion, Altos presented the client with a website that was easier to navigate for visitors, easier to use for their team members, and aesthetically superior to their former website.

With a Focus on Technology

The website had to be accessible both to site visitors and to Atlas Society administrators modifying or making frequent additions to the website. Knowing this, our development team leveraged Joomla's built-in Bootstrap functionality in order to allow for easy modifications in the future. This would allow future modules installed on the site to pull correct styling and it allows the writers to utilize Bootstrap classes when creating content for new articles on the site.

Migration From CMS To CMS

Nothing Lost in Migration

This website migration required transferring thousands of pages of information. This also had to be accomplished without compromising Atlas’ robust Search Engine Optimization. Our developers accomplished this by creating identifiable markers unique to each page that would identify content on the new and old site. We then spidered the two websites to create the many 301 redirects needed to preserve Atlas's hard-earned Google Juice.

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