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the taste: cooking up an uncommon website

Janie’s Uncommon Cafe needed a brand image that matched up with its name. With an outdated website and branding materials without consistency, the true Janie’s image was being lost somewhere. Creating an uncommon web experience starts with common principles. Starting with a new logo, Altos was able to craft a strong and consistent brand identity throughout the new website and social media. Janie’s promises “you will want to come back for more” and Altos promises the same for the user-friendly website.

From Small Plates to Entrees

From Small Plates to Entrees

Some appetizers are just too large, and some entrees seem to not be enough. At Janie’s Uncommon Cafe, portions are a big (or appropriately-sized) deal. At Altos, we feel the same way. Responsive website design means that every page fits into the window you’re browsing, whether you’re on a tablet, phone, or desktop. Janie’s menu items are just the right size, no matter the appetite.

Turning “Likes” Into Love

New Look, Same Great Taste

Every part of the Janie’s brand is now under one cohesive umbrella, or maybe one big apron. Janie’s social profile now correlates directly to the new website, with updated daily specials on both and a design aesthetic that uses commonalities to make sure everybody remembers the uncommon experience.

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