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The shot: Creating the Perfect photo album

World renowned photographer Russell James needed a personal marketing site that reflected the style of his work. This site had to not only showcase hundreds of images from his storied career, it had to present his new book ANGELS to fans and collectors. Designed to be a marketing site, every page features a clear call to action and efficient navigation on any device. If the images are the story, the website is the binding. The design is clean and simple, letting the stunning images speak for themselves.


Variety Showcase

Russell James is not simply a photographer. With a portfolio showcasing a range of talents from films to photoshoots, the site had to reflect a variety of mediums without cluttering the interface. The first step to appreciating artwork is having access to it. With such a wide variety of work, including Nomad Two Worlds, we created a well defined structure using clear navigation that visitors to the site can appreciate on any device.


Simply Effective

Though the site may seem simple, the power it exudes as a marketing platform is hidden in that simplicity. Users are never more than 1 click from a contact form regardless of where they are on the page. These simple calls to action combined with the direct links to purchase products from the site make this a highly effective marketing tool for Russell’s brand.


Please Don’t Touch The Art

While the site features Russell’s best work, his actual collection contains hundreds of images and some are not for the public’s hands. Altos designed a secure system whereby Russell can share the complete collection with galleries and collectors who are interested in purchasing limited edition prints. Russell is passionate about promoting his work, but also wants those who are passionate about art to have unfettered access, with our system it is a win win.

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