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January 03, 2019 | Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

We get the same question from a lot of clients:

“Why am I not seeing better performance from our email marketing?”


“We send a ton of email and get almost no activity... can you tell us what is going on?”

Clearly, there’s some concern by those struggling with email marketing - and they come to their agency or email partner looking for an answer.

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February 07, 2018 | Email Marketing

Achieve World Domination With Email Automation

Okay, maybe not world domination - but with a smart email strategy and the ease of automation, you can craft a marketing journey that wins out over the competition without needing to lift a finger. But the whole thing is driven by one golden rule: getting your message in front of potential customers is easy; making them care is an entirely different story.

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March 21, 2017 | Email Marketing

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Email Marketing

Email is overlooked, undersold, and extremely common, and that’s probably because it’s not the sexiest kid on the block. It’s the dinosaur of the content world, and the bane of bursting inboxes everywhere for well over three decades. But the fact is that email is still undeniably ubiquitous in offices and on desktops everywhere, and plenty of people still read their emails each and every day. For marketers, this is an audience that simply can’t be ignored, and the return on your investment may just reflect that.

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March 06, 2015 | Email Marketing

Email Marketing, It’s Here To Stay

Neglect email marketing at your own peril. As you will see, reports of the “death of email” are as puzzling as they are misguided. Neglecting this invaluable tool is most likely leaving money on the table for your business, and omitting a cost-effective opportunity to connect with your audience.

Email is everywhere. Have you ever checked your work email in the car? (tisk, tisk) At dinner? Yes. On vacation? Certainly. In the restroom? Well, that’s your business. But, with almost 40% of email opens happening on mobile, email has been liberated from the bonds of the desktop computer. In short, email marketing is the the most effective tool your business isn’t using.

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June 11, 2014 | Email Marketing

Six Months Down, Six To Go Before The End Of 2014

Mid-year marketing checkup, are you in constant contact with your customers? With effective email marketing, you could be. There’s even an email-marketing platform called Constant Contact. The weather draws people away from their computers, but that doesn’t mean they’re being drawn away from their email accounts. By taking advantage of immersive email-marketing platforms, you and your customers can develop an ongoing communicative relationship no matter where they are.

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