Through (painful) trial and error, we know the secret to choosing between bad fast food on a long road trip: sometimes it’s best to focus less on the “positives” and to instead think, Which is going to hurt less tomorrow morning?

This exercise can actually be helpful in surprising places - even in the old WordPress vs. Drupal debate. Part of the secret to determining the best CMS for your site is figuring out which CMS is most likely to cause the least headaches when you go to put it in use.

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Want to get a room full of developers all riled up? Ask them about their preferred content management system (CMS) - just don’t be surprised if a keyboard comes flying.

What’s the big deal? A lot, as it turns out - especially when it comes to comparing the main two players in the game: Drupal and WordPress. For most users, the two are a lot alike - but for those looking to get in the weeds, the differences run strong once you get past the label on the surface.

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If your site collects data like names, emails, phone numbers, or credit card information, you’ve probably already put a good deal of thought into security. But if you haven’t taken the steps to protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate and migrated your site to HTTPS, that data may not be as safe as it could be - and Google is taking action.

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For just over a year now, we and the rest of the tech world have been intrigued, if not a little mystified, over the capabilities built into Drupal 8. That’s thanks, mainly, to its impressive collection of over 200 new features - the result of Drupal’s starting development from the ground up for this newest version. With a wide array of custom development options combined with a mobile-first mindset, Drupal 8 offers tools some developers can hardly contain their excitement about. Others, however, may still be left feeling like it’s not yet fleshed out enough for full implementation.

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