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Bryan White

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Bryan’s Story

Bryan is a front-end developer at Altos, driven by readable, well-commented code, black coffee, and heavy metal. Falling into web development entirely by accident, he started out in the misty halcyon internet age of Flash, Cold Fusion, and Dreamweaver way before it was owned by Adobe. Flash forward twenty years and he still loves it as much as he did back then but has all these new toys to play with!

Bryan’s strengths and expertise lie in JavaScript and shiny, new web technologies like React.js, Gatsby.js, and headless CMS platforms. He is also known to sweat the smallest details if it means gaining a point or two in any given project’s Lighthouse score.

When Bryan isn’t hacking for Altos he’s hacking for himself on a number of personal websites, and mobile apps dedicated to esoterica and Forteana. He also plays in and runs more role playing games than he can remember at any given moment and still somehow manages to find time to get his daughter to dance class and son to karate.


Associate’s Degree in Digital Media - Full Sail University, 1999


  • Actually beat Cuphead
  • Cthulhu Mythos academic
  • Podcast host
  • All things science fiction and horror
  • Greatly appreciates cats
  • Knows where the best burgers are

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